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" I Have had my feeders for 7 years and they still look great!  The artwork has not faded in the south-facing sun where I hang them. "  Tim Norwalk   Aspen, Co 

" This is the best feeder I have ever owned.  It is so easy to clean, just rinse and refill, no scrubbing crusty stuff out.  The artwork is gorgeous.  Everyone comments on my beautiful feeder."

Naomi Henderson    Truckee CA.

 "I have had a lot of feeders in the past but no humming birds until I bought this feeder.  Previously I owned a variety of clear glass feeders I bought at Home Depot. They always grew mildew and got crusty with sugar in the bottom.  It was a nightmare to clean.  I know the directions said to change the nectar every 4 days to keep it fresh but I never found the time.  Serving rancid nectar would explain why I never had hummers.  When I got this feeder, I could go weeks without changing the nectar and I still got hummers.  It is so easy to clean because it has not grown mildew." - Lawrence Snow Austin, Texas

 " Thank you for finding a chain that stands up to high winds. Indeed we had a storm that blew the lawn furniture from the deck but our feeders were still intact.  I like how I can adjust its height to keep the feeder out of reach of the raccoons too. -Mike Preston  Conifer,  CO

"It's true, the feeder does not drip in the wind.  No more messy sugar spots on my deck that attracted ants. I"m buying more for gifts." - Kathereen Block Thornton, Colorado

"I have always been concerned about red plastic on feeders poisoning the little hummers with harmful chemicals.  This feeder has a food safe plastic base and no harmful red dyes.   This is much safer for the humming birds I love. I approve. " -  Ruby Chapman Railey  NC

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